Before the party it’s the business part..ner


Finding the right business partner is like finding the perfect Halloween costume when you were 19—IT WILL MAKE OR BREAK YOU. NO PRESSURE! Don’t worry, we’re gonna share a hot little tip we’ve learned about this topic that will help you when choosing a business partner. And if you’ve already linked up with someone and are having buyer’s remorse (JK), next week’s jamboree has a deep-ass thought that will make you flip your a good way.

HERE IS THE AFOREMENTIONED SCALDING HOT TIP: If you’re considering going into business with someone, try a lower stakes collaboration first. As in, a creative project, organizing an event, hosting a cooking club, serving on the same board, volunteering this sounding like creative date ideas? FEEL FREE TO USE FOR THOSE TOO. The point of this scorching tip is that you can learn a lot about a person—and your compatibility to work together—long before any money, reputations, or proprietary information has been exchanged. About 6 months before we started Obedient, we created and co-hosted a comedy podcast together. We also took on a 12-week fitness challenge together. These two experiences showed us how well we balanced each other out, the foundational beliefs and ideas that we had in common, and how in line we are creatively. This bolstered us to start this agency and was immeasurably foundational to our success as business partners and ability to navigate the hiccups, large deals, and big decisions that inevitably come up when running a business.

Take our advice or pay the price.