Can you believe this shit? We were on a podcast.


AHOY freaks and geeks! We did a cool thing the other day and it’s gonna pop the buttons right off of your Hawaiian shirts. Branding Outside the Box had us on their podcast and it was a rip-roaring good time.


Host and Founder Dana Kaye came to our Laugh Lab at Soho House a few months ago and was like, wait a second these hooligans are onto something. And we were like DUH, DANA! Except we said it in a nice voice so she knew we were not assholes. On the episode, we talk about a few of our favorite humor branding exercises (that you can try at home, kidlings!), some recent comedy projects, why we think marketing—and consumers—deserves more fun, and all the weird tangents in between. Give ‘er a listen or a watch—yes, we had to put on Real Clothes because it was being taped—and let us know what you think/learned/laughed at.


Thanks, again to Dana + Branding Outside the Box!