Crazy idea: be funny on April 2nd

April Fools’ Day is a fascinating day to observe brands. Especially if you’re a humor branding agency. [Picture our whole team in a Parisian parlor wearing fancy robes watching as the pranks roll in. Not sure why we’re in Paris but just go with it.] At Obedient, we get a huge kick out of seeing  big brands cut loose, small brands get on people’s radars, and all of the weird stuff in between. But it’s also a bummer. Because tomorrow they’ll all go right back to their tame, boring, “safe” creative….until April 1 rolls around again next year.

So, yeah, it’s a bummer. But as far as we’re concerned it’s also an opportunity. That’s because everything we do for brands is rooted in differentiation and delight—an approach that most businesses only have the guts to take on a dedicated holiday.

We’re lucky that humor in marketing is a scarcity...because it will always remain a sharp, disruptive [barf on that word, but sometimes you just gotta use it] marketing tool. You’ll never see the masses adopt it as their core strategy. And that’s why we’re in business. So, thanks, scaredy cats.

But on April 2nd we always want to go knock on all of these brands’ doors (still wearing our luxe robes, but who cares, this is important stuff) and tell them that they can have weird, wild, creative, and—ahem—effective fun in their marketing the other 364 days of the year.

Humor is not something that very many agencies can do well** but it is something that all consumers appreciate. After all, as you’ll read on the back of our robes, our motto is ‘fun sells.’ April Fools’ Day showcases what an impactful tool humor is—and how hungry people are to be surprised and delighted. So, if humor works so well...and you’re only using it one day of the year? It seems perhaps the joke’s on you.