Humor without strategy is pointless

Here’s the deal. Plenty of folks are funny in their branding. We’re not the only wiseguys who see the power of fun in marketing. So, what separates us from them? Easy:  we create a robust strategy around fun and humor in way that’s tailored to how a specific audience needs to feel in order to get on board. This way, strong results are never just a happy accident. A few examples, if you will:

Them: Slaps a random pop culture reference on a social media post and hopes for the best.
Us: Develops a fine-tuned, nuance-filled, laser focused humor strategy that turns fun into a converting machine.

Them: Funny(ish) one-liner that makes (some) people laugh but doesn’t motivate them to action.
Us: Builds a robust campaign that taps into a uniquely funny experience that resonates with your consumer.

Them: Lazy pun that doesn’t drive the right value proposition forward.
Us: Wordplay so swift it will make your audience catch their breath AND remember your product.

We could go on and on about how we elevate ideas to way more than a quick laugh, but this is an article, not a burn book. Our point? At Obedient we are never funny just for the sake of funny. Consumers are smart and will not be endeared to your brand or moved to action by some willy nilly attempt at fun branding. So if you want your lighthearted branding to be a heavy hitter (and trust us, it has the potential to be the sharpest creative tool in the shed), you need an ironclad strategy.  That’s how funny business becomes money business and no we cannot stop ourselves from rhyming when it comes to business slogans.