Party in the Back: Actually-Essential Oils

Hello, Party in the Back, how may we help you? Mmhmm this is the right number for monthly spec work that defies the norm and acts as a creative playground for The Obedient team at the same time as it serves as wild entertainment for the masses. I know, we think it’s fun too! Okay, we’ll have the latest creation delivered hot and fresh to your door in about now seconds. Thanks for calling!

Before we dig into this month’s masterpiece, let’s briefly discuss what the what is going on here with this Party in the Back series. Is it true that we get to do strategically-fun, wild, dissenting creative work every day for clients and for our own brand? Yes. Is it also true that even though we get to explore new branding frontiers all the dang time, we think creatives should always be sharpening their imagination swords and opening their brains to even weirder ideas? You bet your buns. So we decided to do a monthly branding (ish) creative project for our own kicks and giggles as a form of continuing education—to challenge ourselves to keep rethinking ‘the way things are done’ and explore marketing and art and design and writing from a purely playful place and see what comes up. So this is that. And we’re really excited about it. 

July’s Project: Actually-Essential Oils

Like most wacky ideas, we’re not entirely sure how this one was born. But the core idea and inspiration lies in the question of, “What if essential oils were made up of ingredients from real-life experiences; real things we could use as antidotes?” Because yes, peppermint oil is energizing but y’know what’s even more energizing? Two drops of A Text Back From a Crush. And sure, Lavender promotes stress relief but not as much as inhaling Inbox Zero does.  So we went all hyperbolic and dreamt up a line of essential oils that bottled-up intangible things that cure modern ailments. Meet the actually-essential oils that we’d kill to have in our medicine cabinets or dab on our temples. Hell, we’d maybe even start a pyramid scheme if we could sell these bad boys. (Okay, even for these magical cures we couldn’t force ourselves to start an MLM.)