Party in the Back: First lines of famous books turned into ads

Hello, Party in the Back, how may we help you? Mmhmm this is the right number for monthly spec work that defies the norm and acts as a creative playground for The Obedient team at the same time as it serves as wild entertainment for the masses. I know, we think it’s fun too! Okay, we’ll have the latest creation delivered hot and fresh to your door in about now seconds. Thanks for calling!

September’s Experiment: Taking opening lines from famous books and turning them into ads by wordplaying their titles.

Is your head spinning? YEAH THAT’S WHAT THESE FUN SPEC WORK EXTRAVAGANZAS ARE ALL ABOUT. It’s a creative challenge wrapped in a sushi roll dipped in, ‘oh no they didn’t.’ We couldn’t even tell you where this month’s experiment idea came from except maybe that our team loves books? And also loves seeing everything as a potential brand campaign? And read the first line from A Tale of Two Cities and then thought ‘lol a tale of two parties’ and then our heads exploded right there in the middle of The Wing? Yeah, that about sums it up.

F’real, though, it was a really fun, wacky challenge to find famous opening lines that—without editing/tweaking them—could act as promotional copy once their book titles were wordplay’d. We then paired the ‘ads’ with a brand that would benefit from the ethos of this crazy combo. Again, Party in the Back is not for the weak of heart/mind, so peruse the rest of these at your own discretion.


PSST: A rejected joke from this email is, ‘we put the lit in literature.’ May it rest in peace.