Party in the Back: A Pretend Lollapalooza Juice Menu

Hello, Party in the Back, how may we help you? Mmhmm, this is the right number for monthly spec work that defies the norm and acts as a creative playground for The Obedient team at the same time as it serves as wild entertainment for the masses. I know, we think it’s fun too! Okay, we’ll have the latest creation delivered hot and fresh to your door in about now seconds. Thanks for calling!

August's Project: A special-edition, made-up Lollapalooza-themed, Real Good Stuff juice menu

If you’re reading that and thinking, Wow...whut? That’s exactly the point of these monthly spec-xperiments. The wheels are off and a baby is driving, folks! Which is to say, we’re chasing every fun, weird idea that comes our way and this time it involved a music festival and juice. Cuz, why not? This month’s rager came to, ahem, FRUITion, because of a favorite local juice/smoothie/eats shop, Real Good Stuff, that has very funny menu names for their goods. A dream mashup began forming in our brains as Lollapalooza music festival approached and the idea struck us like a sick guitar solo: if RGS had a pop-up at Lolla, what would they name the menu items? So we took this year’s artists and created a tasty lineup, if we do say so ourselves. We then designed it in the form of the Lolla poster and voila! A star is born.