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#Garylog: Humor Design

Gary here, and I only have time for a quick dispatch because I completely forgot about Dale’s Tae Kwon Do match this afternoon. Last time I missed it he made me buy him an Arby’s prepaid debit card (didn’t even know they made those!) so that he could buy himself curly fries whenever he wanted. So, I can’t afford to miss it again—fiscally and emotionally.

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#Garylog: Brain Science

Gary here, on another titillating Friday living my passion: private detectiving. On a dispatch call with my boss this morning I tried to sign off with, “Welp, as they say, TGIG!” That stands for Thank God It’s Gary—a joke I’ve made every Friday since I was 22 and according to court documents, the reason my first wife Judy divorced me.

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GARYLOG #3: Takeout Stakeout...or should I say Steak-out

Gary here, comin’ at you live from the field, or as I’ve now coined the operation: The #Garylog. I don’t know where to put that pound sign but looks cool huh? Maybe Obedient is rubbing off on me with my catchy mission name, but don’t tell my boss; I’m 78% sure he would NOT like it.

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