One hour, 20 one-liners about pet adoption

This one went off the rails fast but funny ideas usually do, right? RIGHT? We chose pet adoption organizations as the theme for today’s challenge because we both have rescue pups hence are better than you.

The rules, in case you haven’t been reading, ugh:

  • 1 brand or product
  • A firestorm of one-liner campaign concepts
  • Humor + fun = weapons of choice (duh)
  • All concocted in under one hour
  • Based solely off of the brief benefits they list on their home page or packaging. (Hell, we only have an hour, ok?? THERE’S NO TIME FOR A LARGER STRATEGY THAN THAT.)
  • Play fast and loose
  • Do your best
  • Trying and bombing is better than never trying at all
  • All’s fair in a creative ideation dump
  • Champions never cry

Here are our 20 impressive eye-rollers. (God blezz the 50+ on the cutting room floor.)

  1. Buying a dog from a breeder? Woof.
  2. Unleash your altruism.
  3. Kennel you believe this gorgeous dog isn’t a purebred?
  4. Don’t be a p*ssy, adopt a cat.
  5. Tap into the sheer smugness of getting to say, “She’s a rescue.”
  6. Don’t make us play Sarah McLachlan.
  7. You bought a dog? That don’t impress me mutt.
  8. Because your dog allergy is probably as real as your gluten one.
  9. Stop waiting to be saved by a Knight-in-Shining-Armor and be one instead.
  10. I’m not a player I just adopt a lot.
  11. Stop rescuing ex-boyfriends, rescue a pet.
  12. Adopt right meow.
  13. Cats may have 9 lives but you only have one: do the right thing.
  14. People who only want Purebreds are the same people who send wine back.
  15. “I’d ONLY ever have a Frenchie,” says the girl who studied abroad in Paris 13 years ago.
  16. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks but you can give give him a new home.
  17. Stop, adopt, and roll out of there with your new best friend.
  18. Get a dog from a breeder when there are thousands of pups without a home? That’s ruff.
  19. If you don’t rescue, it’ll hound you forever.
  20. What has 4 legs, a cold nose, and you as his only hope?

*referee whistle*