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Take us to dinner first

All this business partner talk got us thinking about how different the two of us are at first blush—a lot of which we laugh about on the reg—but how our core wirings make us a really well-matched pair. So we thought,hey, why don’t we share some of these funny differences with inboxes across America? So here ya go: get to know us already.

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Before the party it’s the business part..ner

Finding the right business partner is like finding the perfect Halloween costume when you were 19—IT WILL MAKE OR BREAK YOU. NO PRESSURE! Don’t worry, we’re gonna share a hot little tip we’ve learned about this topic that will help you when choosing a business partner. And if you’ve already linked up with someone and are having buyer’s remorse (JK), next week’s jamboree has a deep-ass thought that will make you flip your a good way.

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Crazy idea: be funny on April 2nd

April Fools’ Day is a fascinating day to observe brands. Especially if you’re a humor branding agency. [Picture our whole team in a Parisian parlor wearing fancy robes watching as the pranks roll in. Not sure why we’re in Paris but just go with it.] At Obedient, we get a huge kick out of seeing  big brands cut loose, small brands get on people’s radars, and all of the weird stuff in between. But it’s also a bummer. Because tomorrow they’ll all go right back to their tame, boring, “safe” creative….until April 1 rolls around again next year.

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