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Humor without strategy is pointless

Here’s the deal. Plenty of folks are funny in their branding. We’re not the only wiseguys who see the power of fun in marketing. So, what separates us from them? Easy:  we create a robust strategy around fun and humor in way that’s tailored to how a specific audience needs to feel in order to get on board. This way, strong results are never just a happy accident.

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You Had to be There

Oops, we did it again except it’s not oops because we sat together at a coffee shop and annoyed the other people at the community table (who the h came up with that concept at coffee shops BY THE WAY) with our musings of how to transform this idiom into something funny.

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That Escalated Quickly

Q: What’s black and white and unread all over? A: All the damn privacy policy emails we’ve been getting. Killer joke, us. ROFLOL, high five, t-shirt gun release. This series is a mini one called Inside Joke—and it’s a little dip into some of the different humorous tones that exist on the planet.

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