Humor Marketing is more than just comical, it’s chemical.

It's also other ‘C’ words—no, not that oneclever, calculated, converting, cheers-worthy.

And when served up properly, it’ll leave your competitors shaken and your consumer stirred. And if you try and stop us from making cocktail analogies we’ll throw a drink in your face.

So, here’s the weird science behind humor:

There are three primary emotions that release adrenaline into your system—fear, grief, and laughter. First of all, holy smokes. Second of all, one of the things adrenaline is great at is cementing an experience in your brain. Which means that if you want your audience to remember you and feel motivated towards action, you can either make them feel scared, sad, or bleeping delighted.

And who wants to be the grief guy?


A better idea: become a Humor Brand™

Become one of the rare businesses willing to say something fresh; willing to dissent, willing to sell with fun not fear. Because in an overly-saturated marketplace full of folks with alarmingly-short attention spans, the only way to catch the eyes or feelings of your audience is to stop doing the expected, boring, feel-bad stuff everyone around you is doing and start using fun as your marketing strategy.

Are we the first creative agency to use humor? No.

Are we the first creative agency to build an entire empire based on Humor Marketing once we realized that this shit works and no one else is doing it because they don’t have the balls or talent? DAMN STRAIGHT.