This is a slogan Obedient Agency definitely made up and are in no way legally bound to give credit to Outback Steakhouse. The point we—and not the popular chain restaurant known for the Awesome Blossom—are trying to make is, it’s time to think outside the bun (another Obedient original) when it comes to your marketing. We help brands do exactly that—by using strategic humor to make more of an impact than a 2,710 calorie appetizer. Because, as we spray paint on a different building every summer, standing out isn’t a matter of taste, it’s a matter of survival. And plot twist, losers: you don’t need to prey on the fears of your consumers to make the kill. Instead? Excite them to death. RIP, your sad sales and long live fun.

Since we’d never trust our uproarious, profound ideas in anyone else’s hands, we’re a full-service humor marketing agency. Yeah, dog, that means strategy, messaging, design, and execution—online, offline, crossing the line, you name it. Because humor changes everything. And every evil genius on our team lives to prove it.

G2G Steve Outback is calling us and he sounds mad.



Our Obedient mascot and star intern, Gary, submitted such a stunning headshot that we decided it should represent the entire team. If you look closely enough you’ll see our clutch team of designers, copywriters, strategists, and photographers reflected in the gleam in his eye.






A strategist and a copywriter walk into a bar. Before last call the bar has a better name, a powerful, hilarious marketing strategy, and a ballsy new sign out front. We’re torn on whether to talk in the first or third person here but we’re never torn about our love for offbeat, eye-catching, ingenious marketing. Both of us—welp, guess we’re going with first person—spent years helping businesses stand out strategically and creatively and time after time our favorite weapon was humor. So, we created Obedient from the diehard belief that tame marketing tactics aren’t just unenjoyable, they’re ineffective. And since Obedient’s inception, we’ve been proving ourselves right and helping brands create swimmable gold vaults a la Scrooge McDuck. We get off on creating funny things; and not just laugh out loud funny, but smart funny. The kind of funny that consumers can’t resist. We know one thing for sure—if you can make people laugh, you can make them do anything.